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       On 21th November 2017, in Hai Duong Province, the course on training and improving professional capacity for the health at the grassroots level based on family medicine principles was organized by the Ministry of Health (MOH). 

       Attending the training course on improving the quality of medical examination and treatment of chronic diseases at the first line based on family medicine principles at the Health Centers in Thanh Mien and Tu Ky District, Hai Duong, on the side of MOH there were Assoc.Prof.Dr. Pham Le Tuan - Deputy Minister of MOH; Nguyen Trong Khoa, MSc - Vice Head of Medical Examinationand treatment Department; Lecturers of Hospitals: Central Endocrinology, Central Acupuncture, Hanoi Heart, Central Geriatric Medicine, Department of Family Medicine - Hanoi Medical University. On the side of Hai Duong Province there were Mr. Pham Manh Cuong - Director of Hai Duong Department of Health; leaders of Thanh Mien District, Hai Duong General Hospital, District Health Center; heads of medical stations following model of family doctor in  Hai Duong Department of Health; more than 100 medical practitioners from health centers in Thanh Mien and Tu Ky District.

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Assoc.Prof.Dr. Pham Le Tuan delivered his speech at the conference

Family doctors are general doctors who cover the comprehensive and continuous practice and caring for patients and have long and steady relationship with patients. They are close to the people and community. . The family doctors know clearly patients in their situation and their family. Then they monitor, manage and examine their health problems in the community.

The development of the family doctor model will improve the quality of delivering health services in a comprehensive and continuous way to screen for diseases and referral appropriately. This helps reduce the overload on the higher levels and bring favorable conditions for the beneficiaries to access to health insurance.

The lectures on improving professional competence at the health grassroots level based on family medicine principles focus on the diagnosis of acupuncture, endocrine and geriatric diseases on common complications at the primary level; diagnosis and treatment for patients at the primary level; physical examination and history exploitment of elderly patients; screening and early detection of congenital heart disease in the community, the model in the clinics in health centers in district and commune,  satellite clinics of health center at commune medical station.

Deputy Minister highly appreciated the contributions of the model of family doctor in Hai Duong province to help manage and take care of public health, reduce the burden on the hospital and the people are convinient in having an access high quality health services.

Deputy Minister suggested that Hai Duong province should promote effectiveness of family doctor model in primary health care for the people for the satisfaction of patients, especially the focus on high technical development to improve the quality of treatment.

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Overview of the training course

      Ministry of Health

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