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Thứ hai, 24/06/2024 01:27

    Implementing the direction of the Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam - Head of the National Steering Committee on COVID-19 Control on launching special emulation in the entire health sector in the field of COVID-19 epidemic control, a special emulation campaign to prevent and control COVID-19 epidemic in the whole health sector was launched by the Ministry of Health.

Document No. 1435 / BYT-TT-KT about launching the Emulation Movement "Health sector joins hands to prevent and combat COVID-19" was issued by the Ministry of Health to call on each individual and units in the Health Sector to express patriotism, concensus, solidarity, the will of the entire political system in the fight against COVID-19 and and determination to defeat the pandemic.

The Ministry of Health said that COVID-19 Control is at a new phase with a lot of difficulties and challenges for the whole country in general and the health sector in particular. This stage requires more effort, more determination to control the epidemic.

To mobilize all forces in the health sector: the state health service, the private health service, the civilian military forces, the medical training schools and the retired health workers were mobilized to join the fight against COVID-19 Control actively and positively under the motto of fighting against epidemics is as the same as fighting against the enemy with the slogan: "Active control - Early detection - Prompt isolation - Strict zoning - Complete epidemic suppression - Healing".

Prepare the best forces and facilities and be ready to respond in case of epidemic outbreaks on a large scale to ensure quick and timely response, right action. Do not be inattentive, subjective and off guard. Do not let the epidemic spread out of control.

For preventive agencies: conduct epidemiological investigations actively; be close to localities to detect cases of early infection; detect suspected cases due to close contact; investigate epidemiology for infected cases and suspected cases; conduct monitoring, zoning and prompt suppression.

To coordinate closely with other forces in the locality in isolating cases under the direction of the Central Steering Committee and provinces and cities; promote initiatives in suppervising, detecting and controlling epidemics. Gather forces, establish quick response teams in epidemic control.

For medical services: medical service system from the central to the grassroot level should prepare facilities, people and equipment ready to receive and treat patients according to MOH instructions and routes. It is necessary to be aware of suspicious cases and measures to prevent cross-infection in health facilities must be thoroughly implemented.

Implementation of regulations and procedures on treatment and cross-infection control in treatment should be checked regularly. Experts and experienced doctors should be gathered in treating local COVID-19 cases regardness they are in state health area or private health area; retired or incumbent. Treatment experiences should be exchanged and shared. Be ready to accept tasks and to be isolated at health facilities when treating patients to ensure safety for families and community.

Grassroots health workers, private health workers, retired health workers and network of population officers in localities are ready to carry out their tasks when local authorities assign and call for. Cases of elderly people, people with chronic diseases and non-communicable diseases should be managed and reviewed for home health care. Come to each each lane, knock each home and prioritize to make health records for the elderly and family members.

Carry out health care treatment for the elderly, people with underlying medical conditions, distribute medicine to treat chronic diseases at home for at least two months and monitor their health regularly. Tak care of disadvantaged people in society under the motto "no one is left behind".

Universities, colleges, secondary schools training medicine and pharmacy; institutes, research centers in the field of medicine; teachers and students in medicine and pharmacy: professional training on epidemic control,patient care, suppervision, detection tests, epidemic control measures in the community should be intensified. Willing to voluntarily carry out epidemic control tasks when assigned.

The Ministry of Health calls upon Vietnam General Association of Medicine and its member organizations, Vietnam Medical Union, Association of Young Physicians, organizations, units, enterprises and community-based healthcare organizations to be concensus and work together for the noble purpose of caring and protecting the people's health. The health sector strictly follow the President Ho Chi Minh's advice "Doctors are the same as gentle mothers". Do not be afraid of difficulties, hardships and disadvantages in caring for patients  without discrimination against COVID- 19 patients.

MOH institutions, Departments of Health in provinces, cities, organizations operating in the field of health: discover promptly good examples in epidemic control to replicate with the viewpoint: very small action is a great strength to create a vibrant emulation atmosphere, determine to fight against  the epidemic for a normal life. Typical examples in epidemic control should be summarized, praised, and commended.

The Ministry of Health emphasized that the whole health sector was inattentive and off guard to promote the result and apply further drastic measures to control the epidemic.

In order to do that, there should be a stronger involvement of the whole Vietnam health system; self-discipline of each individual and solidarity of the whole Sector.

The Ministry of Health calls on every individual and team in the Health Sector to promote the spirit of patriotism, concensus, solidarity for successful implementation of a special competition to express the will of the whole system in the battle and determination to put out the pandemic; ensure the health safety of the people and the stability of the economy and society./.

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