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Thứ sáu, 08/12/2023 10:00

       On 24th and 25th September 2019, a soft skills training for new full time students was organized by NDUN Executive Committee of Youth Union in the professions of nursing, public health, midwifery, and nutrition for the new academic year 2019 - 2020.

       The content of the training is as follows planning skills and appropriate use of time, communication, public speaking, group work, group activities, and training of folk dances and other games.

       Practicing soft skills is extremely important. The confidence and openness to everyone, the combination with each other and the exploitation of their own power ... will help each person be able to complete his or her task more smoothly and easily. Through situations and collective games that require teamwork,  students are free to solve problems, conflicts when working in groups. They may feel shy when they stand in front of "fellow workers". The team has never had a single communication, the small problems are gradually removed in the process of participation. Thereby the knowledge, skills and attitudes are formed such as: how to work in a team; integrate into a team, gain team spirit; train sensuality, confidence, steadfastness in communication; maximize the strengths of themselves so that they can develop themselves in the best way; assess the strengths and weaknesses of each individual to supplement and work together; optimistic, positive and creative thinking in learning as well as working.

       Participating in the training, in addition to training skills, new students are introduced to the activities of the Youth Union organization as well as the members of the Union Executive Committee and experience the activities of NDUN teams and student clubs.

Importance of solf skills for students:

1. Help them in making friends:

Man by nature is a social animal. It is right from school that children are taught to interact with one another, from a very young age.

If children are not trained to be well mannered at a young age, then it wont be long before others start avoiding them.

Social etiquette is something which is very important indeed. Soft skills are important for children as it helps them to make friends and form a meaningful relationship with others.

Those children who have trouble interacting with others are never able to enjoy the company of friends or peers. Having friends is something which is very important indeed.

2. Assist them in understanding the lessons being taught:

The primary reason why students attend school is so that they can gain knowledge and learn new things.

It is vital that students have soft skills, because if they do not have soft skills, they would not be able to understand the lessons which are being taught to them and they would not be able to imbibe everything which is being said.

It is their language skills as well as their cognitive ability which allows them to process new information, arrange it in a proper manner and make sense of it as best they can. Based on the students’ ability he or she understands things and remembers them in his own unique manner.

3. They are needed for any presentations they need to give:

In the course of their school life, students are required to give a number of presentations. Right from a young age, students are encouraged to come forward and answer in class and even speak the minds on topical issues.

Therefore, these important skills for students, because they require them at times like this, when they need to form opinions and deliver these opinions, supporting it with adequate arguments as well as examples.

Students ought to be encouraged from a very young age to form an opinion and stand up for what they believe in.

4. They need solf skills to help them express themselves during examinations:

At regular intervals there are exams conducted where students have to prepare adequately and write down answers according to the questions which are being asked.

No matter how much they know, if students are unable to comprehend the questions and answer to the point, they will never be able to attain good marks and do well on the academic front.

It is for this reason, that having soft skills is very important so that they can express themselves in a proper manner and write answers which are able to impress the examiners who are reading the answer scripts.

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