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Thứ hai, 28/09/2020 22:10


       In order to promote the role of leading and volunteering of the youth in ensuring environmental hygiene and building new rural areas, on 9th and 10th March, activities for environmental sanitation in Y Yen and My Loc District were organized by Youth Union, Nam Dinh Province.

       Participating in the activity there were the standing members of the Provincial Youth Union, leaders of District Party Committee - People's Committee - People's Council; Standing Party Committee - People's Committee - People's Council of communes and towns of Y Yen and My Loc District; more than 3,000 members as students at universities and colleges in Nam Dinh province, members of youth union of Natural Resources and Environment Department of , Youth branches at Nam Dinh Province Youth Union, students of high schools and secondary schools in the two districts.
       Y Yen and My Loc are going to be recognized as "new rural areas". Therefore, the Provincial Standing Committee mobilized over 3,000 volunteer students for environmental sanitation in 31 communes and towns in Y Yen district and 10 communes and towns in My Loc district.
              In the campaign, volunteer students of Nam Dinh University of Nursing together with youth union members collected the garbages to the right place for the green, clean and beautiful environment at the offices of commune People's Committees, houses for community, schools, health stations, martyr cemeteries, historical sites and markets; cleared more than 12km of canals; cleaned bushes and cut grasses; cleaned more than 60km of roadsides; removed the billboards along the roads and on the electric poles; collected and disposed garbages at black spots.
       The atmosphere came out excitement. With the youth and the spirit of leading for the community, the green shirts of volunteerers every where in streets and lanes have become a beautiful image in the eyes of the local people. This was recognized by all levels and branches. After this campaign, the Standing Committee of Nam Dinh Province Youth Union continues to direct environmental sanitation in Nam Truc District (March 24th), districts and cities in the province.

       This is a practical activity to specify the theme of the year and the theme for the March 2019 "Nam Dinh youth for the community", and this is also the practical part of Nam Dinh youth in Emulation to celebrate the 50th anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh's will (1969 - 2019). This was determined by the Provincial Standing Committee that these activities needed to be maintained annually; the role and imprint of the youth should be affirmed in order to raise the awareness of youth union members and youth. Maintaining environmental sanitation for the beautiful village roads and hamlets and the criteria in new rural construction should be propagated and all the people should give their hands for these. 

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