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Thứ hai, 28/09/2020 21:17

       Implementing the program "NDUN campus is green, clean, and beautiful" to welcome the great festivals such as: Vietnam Doctor's Day (27th Feb); NDUN Traditional Day (16th Mar); The Establishment Day of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union (26th Mar); the tasks of Youth Union, Youth Movement, Student Association, Student movement performed by NDUN Executive Committee of Youth Union and Student Association, activities of cleaning NDUN campus in 2019 were organized by NDUN Executive Committee of Youth Union and Student Association with the instructions of NDUN Party Committee and management board.

       The activies were organized in two phases:

       Phase 1: From 20th Feb to the end of Mar 2019;

       Phase 2: From April to the end of September 2019 (2 sessions a week)

Participating in the program, there were members of NDUN Executive Committee of Youth Union and Student Association; members of Youth Union Branches (NDUN staffs, NDUN students, voluntary teams, clubs under NDUN Youth Union and Student Association.  The surroundings, the dormitory, and multi-purpose house were cleaned by members in uniforms for volunteers.

From 21st - 22nd Feb 2019, all members participated in the program actively annd excitedly as the planned schedule. Although there were not enough working tools, all members actively cleaned the university campus. It was noted that all the areas are clean and beautiful.

This is a very meaningful activity in educating the consciousness of members in protecting environment, preventing diseases, and maintaining NDUN green - clean - beautiful campus. 

Some pictures at the program:

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