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Thứ ba, 12/12/2023 06:08

       Implement Youth Union tasks and Youth movement, Student Association and Student tasks and movement in the academic year 2018 - 2019 of NDUN Executive Committee of Youth Union - School Student Association; under the direction of NDUN Party Committee and management Board, on June 10, 2019 the cultural exchange program with LOD Japanese Language Center, Australian Lecturers and Laotian students was organized by NDUN Executive Committee of Youth Union and Student Association in collaboration with Center for Science and Technology Cooperation .

       Participate in the program, on the side of Nam Dinh University of Nursing there were Dr. Truong Tuan Anh - Vice Rector; Mr. Dinh Thang Loi - Director of Center for Science-Technology-Services Cooperation; members of NDUN Informatics - Foreign Language Club; representatives of teams and clubs directly under NDUN Youth Union and Student Association; Laotian students studying at NDUN. On the side of the guests, there were two Australian Volunteer Lecturers, LOD Japanese Language Center leaders, students at LOD Center for Science-Technology-Services and Japanese Language Center.

       The purpose of the exchange program is to create a joyful and exciting atmosphere for NDUN Union members and students; students at LOD training center and Center for Science-Technology-Services Cooperation; strengthen the solidarity and friendship and cooperation among units; propagate and promote the image of Vietnam and its people to international friends.

The program was exciting with presentations of basic knowledge about life, specialties and some knowledge about the country and people; the music show performed by students showed their cultural traditions and left much impression for the audiences. All created unique colors about tradition and culture of each country.

       This was a meaningful cultural exchange program. The success of the program was the happy laughter after every game; the traditional lyrics and the dance of each country, ... and moreover, the exchange and solidarity of students studying at Nam Dinh University of Nursing.

       Some pictures at the program:

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