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       Implementing the tasks of Youth Union, Youth Movement, Student Association, Student Movement in the academic year performed by the Executive Committee of Youth Union and Student Association; with the consent of NDUN Party Committee, management board on organizing programs to celebrate the 109th anniversary of the International Women's Day (March 8th, 1910 - March 8th, 2019) and Hai Ba Trung revolution, on 8th March 2019, a cooking contest "The matching couple" was held by the Executive Committee of Youth Union and Student Association with the aim of propagating the content and meaning of the International Women's Day; enhancing students' awareness about the role and position of women in modern life; creating a healthy and practical playground for students; tightening solidarity and creating a joyful and exciting atmosphere in the university.

       Participants are students at NDUN. The classes are divided randomly into 18 teams by the organizers. Each team would choose two members (a male student and a female student).

       The contest is divided into 02 parts:

        - Part 1: Preparing ingredients: each team would prepare food to cook a meal for two people with the theme "Romantic dinner". The food is not more than 150,000vnd and it must meet the requirements of variety of dishes, including starter, main course, dessert. The additive materials have to meet the requirements of food safety and hygiene. The teams have to hand in prepared food to the judging committee before the contest.

       - Part 2: competition: The teams would get back their prepared food and starting cooking after the orgernizers set the timer. The male student directly cooks the meal and the female student gives her support to him. When the time for cooking is over, the male students give their presentation about their teams' meals.

       The time for cooking is one hour. Then each team would have five minutes to present his ideas about the meal. And the judges would select the best teams.

       Right after the judges end their assessment, the ranking results are published. Ten prizes were awarded, including one First prize (Class 12I - Class 2A).

       Some pictures at the contest:

The meal is awarded the first prize at the contest

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