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Thứ sáu, 08/12/2023 09:53

       On 25th September 2019, Nam Dinh University of Nursing in collaboration with the National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion organized the Voluntary Blood Donation Day with the theme "You share a drop of blood, you save a life".

       The program was organized to strongly propagate to all officials, lecturers and students in the whole school about the benefits, the noble meaning of blood donation, to raise the spirit of positive response to the donation movement. Humanitarian blood in particular and social activities in general.

        To prepare for the Voluntary Blood Donation Day with the theme "You share a drop of blood, you save a life", Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union has had many training activities on safe blood donation and blood diseases, contents about blood and life ... the program attracted a lot of students to join.

        During the blood donation day, the doctors worked seriously and devotedly to guide NDUN staffs, lecturers and students. In addition, the team of volunteers of Nam Dinh University of Nursing also actively supported and cooperated with the organization board to fulfill the assigned tasks. The event attracted a large number of lecturers and students. At the end of the day 384 blood units were selected including blood types A, O, AB.

        Previously, the organization board propagated and campaigned for voluntary blood donation around NDUN in the form of banners, announcements at the bulletin board, dormitories, school gates, lecture halls, notices on NDUN website. Classes in NDUN were informed with open letters and registration lists. Parades to mobilize people in Nam Dinh city and students in the city to participate in voluntary blood donation was also organized.

       Through the program of Voluntary Blood Donation Day, Nam Dinh University of Nursing contributed to build a tradition good solidarity of Vietnamese people.

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