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Thứ ba, 05/03/2024 05:49

       In order to promote the culture as well as the solidarity of staffs in Nam Dinh University of Nursing (NDUN), on 5th June 2018 the birthday party for NDUN staffs who was born in June and July was organized by NDUN Executive Committee.

       The birthday party was held in a fun, warm and united atmosphere. Attending the birthday party there was Assoc.Prof. Le Thanh Tung, PhD - NDUN Rector, Executive Committee of trade union, and the staffs whose birthday was in June and July - 2018.

       This is a regular activity at Nam Dinh University of Nursing to encourage the collective spirit, to improve the solidarity and cohesion among faculties, offices and departments in NDUN. This expressed the sharing, motivation and interest of NDUN management board to all staffs. And the more understanding between NDUN staffs would create strength for task fulfillment and NDUN development. At the birthday party on 5th June 2018, NDUN Executive Committee of Trade Union sent the best wishes of health, happiness and success to staffs who was born in June and July. Assoc.Prof. Le Thanh Tung, PhD - NDUN Rector expressed his best wishes to staffs. He hoped that NDUN staffs would have the strong solidity for the stronger development of NDUN. A representative among staffs whose birthday in May delivered his thank-you speech to NDUN management board and NDUN trade union that created conditions for staffs to get tohgether for the meaningful moments.

       The birthday party for June and July 2018 ended with many beautiful pictures and memories. It also left unforgettable impression inside each staff.

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