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       On 14th May 2018 Nam Dinh University of Nursing had a meeting with Fooyin University - Taiwan. Attending the meeting on the side of NDUN there were Assoc. Prof. Le Thanh Tung, PhD - Rector; Dr. Truong Tuan Anh - Vice Rector; Dr. Tran Van Long - Head of Postgraduate training Office; Tran Viet Tien, MSc - Head of Academic Affairs Office; Dr. Mai Thi Thanh Thu - Head of International Cooperation Office. On the side of Fooyin University, there were Dr. Li Choung Chiang - Head of International Relation Office, Ms. Tran Thien An - Assistant of International Relation Office.

       At the meeting, the two sides agreed to develop activities for mutual benefit in the following academic fields: study tours; exchange of staffs, lecturers and researchers; exchange of students; collaborative research projects; lectures and seminars; exchange of information and learning materials; and other forms of scientific cooperation.

       The meeting ended in a warm atmosphere. The two sides expressed their willingness and commitment to achieve success in the future.

Fooyin University was founded in 1958 by Dr. Chang Peng Tu in Tungang,Pingtung town.

Fooyin University was founded on the idea of: The unviersity specializes in human health - The health care industry. This university has had a long history and it is the greatest place of nursing training in Taiwan.

The main subjects of Fooyin are including nursing, medical technology, nutrition, childen education,care for the aged, environmental technique, biotechnology, travelling & recreation, and cultural creativityl.

Fooyin University includes the Nursing School, Faculty of Medicine Science, School of Environment and Life Sciences, and School of Humanities and Administration. At present, Fooyin has about 10,000 students.

Fooyin University is listed in Top 10 universities of technology with excellent training achievements, famous in the country and on the world. 








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