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Thứ ba, 25/02/2020 10:24

       On 4th June 2019 Professor. Yamamoto - Lecturer of Junmonji University, Japan had a talk on basic nutrition with students of the first nutrition course, Nam Dinh University of Nursing.


       The thematic talk focused on the following contents:

- Energy balance:

Accuracy of energy intake control, energy control, appetite control signal, weight loss based on food, answering questions related to this content (Can you lose weigh by drinking tea? Is it possible to lose weight by eating a high-protein diet? Is it possible to gain weigh by eating a lot of starch?, Is white rice harmful to health?)

Proportion of age-dependent diabetes and fasting blood sugar in Ho Chi Minh City

Anthropometric comparison between diabetic patients and healthy people (Vietnam)

Changes in the ratio of Protein: Fat: Carbohydrates in Japan

Energy ratio Protein: Fat: Carbohydrate (PFC) in some countries

Energy in food
Energy demand

Recommended needs

How to calculate energy needs

- Physical energy: The physical and physiological value of burning nutrients

- Physiological energy: How to calculate physiological energy

- How to calculate energy consumption and energy demand

- BMR definition: it is the minimum energy consumption to maintain lucidity

- Physical activity level (PAL: Physical Activity Level)

- Body surface: The relationship between basic metabolism and body surface area in different animals;

       The knowledge shared at the talk not only is useful for nutrition students at Nam Dinh University of Nursing but also encourages them to love nutrition profession - health care profession by adjust properly the diet and food propotion for health improvement.


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