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Thứ sáu, 08/12/2023 09:53

       To implement action plan of science and technology in 2016, from 4th - 5th Jan 2017, seven research topics at grass root level (the third stage) were checked and taken over by NDUN.


       This is a meaningful annual activity which always receives the attention and direction of NDUN Party Committee, management board; the support of NDUN lecturers. Seven reported topic had high quality in many fields: nursing, community, basic medicine, training, student management ... and mainly belonged to Nursing research group.

        At the acceptance, each author had 15 minutes to present to the Council about his research topic. The debate was excited with the frank exchange between the authors with the Council to clarify the content of research topic.

         Earlier, there were seven research topics were checked and taken over on 23rd Jun 2016 and 3rd Dec 2016.

         The findings of the topics have had provided useful information for training and specialized data in NDUN teaching.

         Topics were taken over in 2016:





Synthesize and study the structure of some complex substances with paramagnetism that increass the sharpness of the image during nuclear magnetic resonance

Nguyen Thu Ha, MSc.,

Chemistry Department


Survey on the use of color additives, benzoic acid formol in foods in Nam Dinh city

Tran Thi Bich Hong, MSc.,

Chemistry Department


Study on the use of borax in some foods sold in markets in Nam Dinh city

Tran Thi Khanh Linh, MSc.,

Chemistry Department


Survey on the status of full-time students of the third, fouth, and fifth course who have had jobs after graduating from Nam Dinh University of Nursing

Dr. Lam Van Dong

Student Affairs Office


Characteristics of dignity and ethics of NDUN students 

Dr. Dinh Quoc Thang

Reasoning Department


Factors affecting the excitement in studying Ho Chi Minh Thought of NDUN students

Vu Thi Hue, MSc.,

Reasoning Department


Evaluate the change in perception about glasgow scores in traumatic brain injury of part-time student nurse after educational intervention

Vu Manh Do, MSc.,

Center for pre-clinical Practice


Study how to apply stata software to handle triple results in prenatal screening

Dr. Le Thanh Tung

Rector of NDUN


Evaluate the efficacy of using MPA (Multi Purpose Apparatus) for cervicitis treatment

Dr. Le Thanh Tung

Rector of NDUN


Evaluate the efficacy of Acyclovir  in treatment for patient with continuous miscarriage due to CMV infection

Dr. Le Thanh Tung

Rector of NDUN


Survey on the higher training need for nurses at institutions using nursing manpower

Dr. Vu Van Thanh

Vice Rector of NDUN


Develop module assessment tool and pilote some modules at NDUN

Vu Thi La, MSc.,

Center of Testing and Education Quality Assurance


Actual perception and level of implementing professional ethics standards of NDUN part-time students in professional practice.

Nguyen Bao Ngoc - Doctor

Psychology and Medical Ethics Department


Evaluate knowledge of mothers whose children suffer from acute intestinal disease treated at General Surgical Ward – Nam Dinh General Hospital

Nguyen Thi Thu Huong

Specialized Nurse (Degree I)

Basic Nursing Department


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