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Thứ sáu, 08/12/2023 10:47

       On 19th June 2019, at the Conference Room 2, the scientific research topics of students for the academic year 2018 - 2019 were reviewed for approval by the council. This was paid much attention by Nam Dinh University of Nursing.

       Participating in scientific research topics at the University will help students accumulate more knowledge from many fields outside their profession and complete the skills needed to succeed in society. Students participating in scientific research activities will practice critical thinking skills and analytical thinking - synthesis. In fact, in order to carry out the research, students need to find, read and analyze a lot of scientific papers and research papers and write a summary report on the available information. In addition, Scientific Research also helps students expand their knowledge to newer, deeper topics that they are not taught in class. This makes students more curious about science and creates a great motivation for them to learn for their future job. Besides, problem solving skills are also a very positive point that students participating in scientific research will experience. Science is always interesting and surprising. Grasping the methods of analyzing, solving problems and overcoming difficulties will help students have a strong foundation before entering the labor market. And most of all, participating in scientific research will build a spirit of integrity and direct honesty from academia to life. Honesty is the core value in training people and scientific research is an extremely effective tool the university can use to lead students to achieve this value. 

       The topics were carried out by student groups under the guidance of teachers. There were 04 topics to be accepted in this phase. Research groups reported the content to the council. After that, each member of the council made comments and suggestions. Many of the questions raised by the council about research content were answered satisfactorily by research groups. The council saw that the authors made great efforts in research, the quality of research basically met the requirements of a basic topic, the research method was shown more clearly and thoroughly. The ability to work independently made significant progress. The meeting to approve the topics was successful with the excitement of the students and there must be new and practical research topics for the teaching and learning process in NDUN.

Some pictures at the meeting:

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