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Thứ ba, 12/12/2023 05:58

       On 26th June 2023, MOH delegation led by Dr. Nguyen Van Quan - Deputy Director of Science, Technology and Training Department had a meeting at Nam Dinh University of Nursing (NDUN) to assess the capacity of specialized training in Midwifery, Grade I at NDUN. 

       The members of the delegation are experts and managers from MOH Departments of Science, Technology and Training; Legal Affairs, Medical Services, Ministry of Health; Vietnam Midwifery Association; National Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology; Nam Dinh General Hospital; Nam Dinh Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology; Nam Dinh Children's Hospital.

        On the side of NDUN, there was Assoc.Prof. Le Thanh Tung - Chairman of NDUN Council; Dr. Truong Tuan Anh - NDUN Rector; management board, Heads of NDUN departments.

       After listening to NDUN summary reports on the Project to undertake specialized training in Midwifery, Grade I, the experts had detailed comments on the training program, teaching staff, practical facilities... These are very relevant opinions to help NDUN complete the project.

         In conclusion, Dr. Nguyen Van Quan highly appreciated NDUN development recently. He stated that with a team of regular and visiting lecturers, and a system of practical facilities, NDUN is capable of participating in specialized training in Midwifery, Grade I. And the comments of the Council members and specialized experts should be listened and edited by NDUN and then the document should be sent to MOH for consideration and approval.

       On behalf of NDUN, Assoc.Prof. Le Thanh Tung respectfully thanks the experts for their contributions. He commits to edit and complete the document and send it to MOH for approving to open the code for specialized training in midwifery, Grade I.

       Midwifery is a profession related to childbirth expertise, and it is well-trained to become a person in charge of caring the health of pregnant women and newborns to ensure the psychology, physiology, and safety of mother and baby.

       The goal of the Midwifery profession is to provide safe and effective health care services for women and children. The midwife will be the person who directly monitors the mother's labor process, reports the mother's situation to the doctor, and is also the person who prepares all medical equipment for the birth. Midwives will meet the health care needs of women after giving births to babies in particular, women in general and children in a comprehensively.

       Students studying Midwifery will be equipped with important and necessary knowledge for their future professional activities. Knowledge from basic to specialized knowledge together with practical practice at hospitals help students understand better their work.

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