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Thứ ba, 05/03/2024 04:52

       On February 25, 2021 at Nam Dinh University of Nursing, the signing ceremony of a cooperation agreement between NDUN and Leading International Activation Company Limited (LIA) was taken place. This collaborative activity aimed at expanding career opportunities for NDUN students.

Dr. Truong Tuan Anh - NDUN Vice Rector, In charge of NDUN and Ms. Ohsieck Thi Van Anh - Director of Leading International Activation Company Limited (LIA) signed the agreement

       Attending the signing ceremony, on the side of NDUN, there was Dr. Truong Tuan Anh - NDUN Vice Rector, In charge of NDUN; Dr. Lam Van Dong - Deputy Head of Student Affairs Department; leaders of NDUN functional departments. From Leading International Activation Company Limited (LIA), there was Ms. Ohsieck Thi Van Anh - Director; Ms. Nguyen Thi Huong - Deputy Director and members of the delegation.

       At the ceremony, the two sides agreed on the agreement content as follows: annual consultant conferences on nursing study in Germany will be held at NDUN hall by NDUN and Leading International Activation Company Limited (LIA)

       LIA provides NDUN with information about training programs, fees, supporting programs and incentives for students; leaflets and documents issued by LIA; videos, information shared by NDUN ilumina in Germany so that NDUN can have the communication on NDUN social channels;

       LIA is responsible for costs related to the organization of the workshop; student information and all terms in the documents signed with students and notifies NDUN the progress and results of implementing contract of learners every 3 months in writing for the timely discussion and support for learners during their study in Germany.

       NDUN coordinates and facilitates and assists LIA in promoting program information to students (organizing seminars, displaying banners to introduce the program on campus, distributing leaflets, getting student list, communicating about LIA on NDUN website, fanpage, facebook); organizes a training session for all teachers in charge, Youth Union, and related departments about the LIA's program and route to study nursing profession in Germany so that NDUN staffs can be proactive in consulting student and coordinate with LIA regularly to update information on supporting programs and incentives for students implemented by LIA to advise NDUN students.

       With the signing of this cooperation agreement, NDUN and LIA agreed to promote the cooperation between the two sides.

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