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Implement the tasks of Youth Union and the movement of the Youth made by the central Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union; the tasks of Student Association and the Student movement of Vietnam Central Student Association and the tasks of Youth Union for the academic year 2019-2020 made by Nam Dinh Province Youth Union; Under the direction of NDUN Party Committee, NDUN management board, from 9th 0 12th Jan 2020, the program "Warm clothes for the highland 2020" was held by NDUN Youth Union and NDUN Student Association to help children and people in Chieng Noi Commune, Mai Son District, Son La City.


The Program of warm clothes for the highland is an annual volunteer winter program of NDUN Youth Union and NDUN Student Union of the school for many years, targeting the poor highland students in remote areas of the Midland region. mountains in the North, in order to share a part of the difficulties and hardships of the children in the cold winter. At the same time, the program is also an opportunity for volunteers and students to penetrate and understand the difficulties and struggles of ethnic minorities in the upland areas, thereby raising the awareness of kindness. , the love of the students.

To prepare for the program, the volunteers mobilized donations and enlisted the support of donors inside and outside the school to mobilize resources for the program. With much effort and dedication, the program has mobilized 420 new uniforms and 500 new face towels for junior high school students in Chieng Noi commune; 180 blankets for poor households; 12 barrels of soup powder, 150kg of rice, 150kg of sugar. The total value of the program is 70 million dong.

Leading and directing the program there were Mr. Pham Thi Hang - Secretary of NDUN Youth Union, mmembers in Standing Committee, Youth Union Executive Committee and typical volunteers.

Coming to the locality, the delegation received a warm welcome from the Party Committee, authorities of mass organizations in Chieng Noi commune, Mai Son district, Son La city. Opening speech at the program, Mrs. Pham Thi Hang on behalf of the youth of Nam Dinh University of Nursing expressed her heart to share with the hardships and difficulties of the school and high school students in Chieng Noi commune, district. Mai Son, Son La city ... Coming to the locality, with heart, affection and sharing, the youth of Nam Dinh University of Nursing wants the small gifts will bring warmth to the students and their parents, hope that they will try their best to contribute to building their homeland and the nation in the future. Speaking at the program, the representative of Chieng Noi Commune Party Committee, on behalf of the local leaders and the school would like to thank the warm affection that NDUN Youth Union and Student Union gave to the the students from the local area. They also expressed their hope that NDUN Youth Union and NDUN Student Association will further develop volunteer programs to bring joy, happiness and laughter to the poor upland students.


Volunteers also participated in community-based labor, cleaning up the landscape and environment with locals and local students. All gifts including warm clothes, warm towels, warm hats, gloves, shoes for 420 high school students in Chieng Noi Commune; Warm blankets, salt, soup powder, clothes for poor households have been delivered to pupils and disadvantaged people.

The program has left a good impression on the leadership of the Party Committee, local authorities and people and students. The program closes but has opened a bright new horizon of humanity and kind hearts will bloom like spring flowers - as the beloved Uncle Ho once told.

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