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Thứ ba, 29/09/2020 05:19

        Implementing the Prime Minister's directives, the guidance of the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education & Training and the People's Committee of Nam Dinh Province; Decision No. 237 / QD-BYT of the Ministry of Health dated 31st January 2020 about the Plan in response to each level of COVID-19 epidemic that is getting more complex. Right from the first days of the outbreak, NDUN Party Committee and NDUN Management Board actively responded to bad situations of the epidemic. NDUN Steering Committee for COVID-19 Control was established and chaired by NDUN Rector.  A standing team to control COVID-19 was established, including 10 people headed by the Head of Personnel Department.

       Every week, the Steering Committee has meetings, issues written documents, inspects and manages the tasks for COVID-19. Some details were as follows:

Unnecessary meetings were limited or postponed to focus on the epidemic control.

Regular cleaning and disinfection were carried out including days-off.

Disinfectant was sprayed according to the plan in the entire area of the 9-storey building, Lecture Hall, classrooms, offices, campus, library, dormitory, hospital.

Isolation plans were ready for suspected cases.

Health checks were carried out for NDUN students come from provinces and cities under supervision.


Masks and disinfectants (dispensed by NDUN according to the formula of the WHO Health Organization and the Ministry of Health) were distributed free of charge to NDUN lecturers, staffs, students and some schools in Nam Dinh Province by NDUN Trade Union and NDUN Youth Union in cooperation with NDUN departments. NDUN campus was celeaned. There were instructions, propaganda, hand disinfectant, printed slogans and posters  at the elevator, school gate, hospital gate , lecture hall, dormitory, canteen ...


In addition, the management of teaching and training was closely directed by NDUN leaders: technology was applied in the management, administration and teaching: 

NDUN documents were sent via software and messaging system.

Teaching and learning activities of lecturers, learners and students followed the guidance of the Ministry of Education and Training, the Ministry of Health, and the People's Committee of Nam Dinh province on controlling COVID-19 transmission.

Elearning for a number of theoretical subjects organized with NDUN server system.

Credit registration, academic transcript, and tuition fee were carried out  via the Internet and the linked banks.

Things related to students were solved at NDUN one-stop section or via the Internet. This helped limit direct contacts.

Elearning lessons for full time students

During this time, studying and working at NDUN were taken place normally. Measures to monitor and manage the health of learners, visitors, and NDUN staffs were as follows:

Medical declairation was made at the gate for visitors. Online medical declairation was at website http://tokhaiyte.vn.

Hotlines to assist timely for the suspection of COVID-19.

Health workers were strengthened  to coordinate with NDUN clinic to handle, care and treat NDUN cases with signs of health abnormalities such as fever, cough, shortness of breath ...

Full medical equipment was prepared as prescribed. Separate rooms at the hospital for isolation were arranged  (if necessary) for NDUN staffs and learners with signs of COVID.

Some photos of COVID-19 disinfection and propaganda of COVID-19 Control at NDUN




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