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Thứ ba, 29/09/2020 05:28

        Promoting the spirit of volunteering of young people, 310 students who are studying at Nam Dinh University of Nursing volunteered to participate in supporting the health system and community in controlling COVID-19 epidemics. Registered students are third year and fourth year students majoring in nursing and midwifery.

       In order to participate in preventing epidemics, besides the basic knowledge provided at NDUN, the volunteered students were trained the contents related to COVID-19 prevention and control, including: implement medical isolation in which there is COVID-19 epidemic; measures to control COVID-19; instruction on hand hygiene, the use of COVID-19 epidemic mask; sample, preserve and transport specimens; guide the use of chlorinated chemicals in epidemics control; instructions on using COVID-19 case study form; instructions on caring for patients with COVID-19.

       COVID-19 epidemic is a dangerous epidemic, not only in Vietnam but also in the world. Although they are the forth year students who have good medical knowledge in preventing and controlling epidemics, they shoud be trained with knowledge to ensure safety and efficiency before they become a source of manpower supplementing in gathered isolation areas and medical treatment areas.

       This is the first group of NDUN students volunteering to participate in controling COVID-19. This force is ready to support gathered isolation areas when they are mobilized. Participating in epidemic control is a great opportunity for students to learn and gain experience but also a big challenge for them in the fight against a pandemic. All volunteer students consider joining the epidemic control team to be a joy, pride and responsibility to the community of the future health workers when they have their contribution fight against the epidemic.

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