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       With the guidance of NDUN  management board as well as the coordination of functional department, from 12th - 20th June 2019 a training course on e-learning was orgnized for NDUN staffs by Information Technology Department and Training Department.

       Under current conditions, with a "learner-centered" perspective, students are considered the subject of the teaching and learning process. Teachers only teach basic knowledge, play the role of guiding, directing and examining the learning process, not doing the learners' change. Students must be encouraged to actively learn the process of self-controlling the process of acquiring knowledge, referring to expanding knowledge according to book materials, under the pedagogical control of teachers. Requiring students to do research on their own when performing tasks assigned by teachers. Instructors raise issues for students to solve problems. In order for students to solve all problems, students must study and approach many methods of learning, learning anytime, anywhere, can save travel costs, save time and still exchange and share. Share with friends and teachers to get study materials. Schools and teachers must also change the method of learning and teaching. In the past, students were familiar with passive psychology from high school, so they did not have the skills to find materials and use references, lack of advice from teachers, leading to methods and results for students. not high, especially first-year students. In order to improve the reality, the methods in the education industry must change, such as the application of Information Technology (IT) in learning and teaching, thereby helping students and faculty to actively develop self-study. , self-learn information of learners; create conditions for learners to learn anywhere, anytime, find appropriate learning content. Currently, a strong and effective learning method is an online learning method, also known as E-Learning, which is considered an appropriate method of teaching and learning in the training of quality human resources. High quality, meeting social requirements, this model has created profound changes in education, elements of time and space will no longer be tightly bound, learners participate in learning but No need to go to school.

       The contents of the course include: an overview of e-learning; building lectures and organizing e-learning teaching on Moodle software; install and guide the use of some popular software on the Internet: Zoom, Skype; Some advanced tricks in using office computer software and photo editing and video design.


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