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Thứ bảy, 26/09/2020 00:59

       Implement the Plan No. 09-KH/TWHSV on 15th May 2018 issued by the Central Vietnam Student Association about organizing Examination Support in  2018; To implement the Plan No. 46/KH-HSV on 30th May 2018 issued by Secretariat of NDUN Students Association  about organizing Examination Support in  2018; from 24th to 27th June, 2018, Executive Board of NDUN Student Association successfully organized the program "Examination Support in  2018" at seven examination sites in Nam Truc and Truc Ninh districts, Nam Dinh City.

Student volunteers participated in the program are selected, trained carefully and assigned with specific tasks. Examination Support is a very meaningful and practical program, the volunteers will help candidates with paper work procedures, deliver free water paper fan to candidates and their parents, regulate traffic; look after vehicles and possessions for candidates.


In addition, the volunteers also coordinated with local policemen to control security and order at the examination areas and their surroundings. They helped control traffic in order to minimize traffic jam and the risk of accidents on the days the national high school examination was in progress.

The Examination Support Program of NDUN Youth Union had a strong spread. This contributed to the overall success of the 2018 National High School Examination. It confirmed one again the spirit of willingness in all activities of NDUN students in particular and students across the country in general with the motto: the young people will come to wherever people need them.

Some pictures of NDUN student volunteers at examination sites:

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