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Thứ ba, 04/08/2020 06:40

       Based on the working plan of Baylor University - USA at Nam Dinh University of Nursing, from 14th - 25th May 2018 Dr. Lyn and Dr. Lorri - Baylor University - USA taught Methodology of teaching nursing in Master training curriculum for Master students of the 4th course.

       The course was designed to equip learners with knowledge and skills for effective teaching: concepts of learning theory, teaching strategies, classroom management and clinical management, testing and assessment. Upon completion of this course, learners would be able to examine the nursing curriculum related to teaching and learning; write goals that match the desired learning outcomes; evaluate the key components of the lesson plan; develop lesson plans for specific nursing content; develop a teaching plan for a specific course; analyze important issues related to teaching and learning strategies; explore the types of tests that assess students' learning; present a lecture in which classroom technology are used.

       From April 30th to June 29th 2018 Master students of the 4th course would access to the most advanced nursing teaching methods in the world and step by step complete the objectives of the course.

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