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Thứ sáu, 19/10/2018 11:56

       Implement the Plan No. 80 / KH-BYT dated October 24th, 2017 of the Ministry of Health about organizing the first sport competition of health profession in 2017, on 7th December 2017 NDUN sport team led by Dr. Truong Tuan Anh - Vice Rector came to Hanoi Athletics Center to attend the final of sport competition of health profession in 2017.


NDUN sport team


The first sport competition of health profession was organized by Vietnam Health Trade Union in 3 levels: grassroots level, regional level and profession level. At the grassroots level, the facilities for the competition were prepared well by the institutions including prizes, yards, participants...At the regional level, the sport competition was organized successfully at 8/9 regions with the participation of 2,108 athletes. 538 prizes accompanied with golden,  silver and bronze medals were awarded and the rank was made. At the final of the sport competition from 8th  - 10th December 2017 there were 900 athletes from 82 institutions. The nice matches and dramatic competitions were made. 

Sport competition became a useful playground with the goal "Be strong to build and defend the country." All the athletes participating in the final were encouraged by their institutions, families and friends. They had the hard training and competed with their best for the success of the sport competition.

This is also an opportunity for staffs in health profession to meet each other to share experiences in work as well as in life and to encourage each other to fulfill the assigned tasks. Each medal is not only the pride of each individual but the common pride of every institution and health profession.

Speaking at the ceremony, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thanh Long - Vice Minister of Health praised the enthusiasm of participating in the sport competition of 84 institutions. "In sports, there are winners and losers. But today I am sure that all athletes are winners." He hoped that, after the final of the sport competition of health profession, the staffs at institutions would be paid attention and created conditions for training in order to promote the movement of sport training at institutions. This helped fulfill the political tasks of protecting and caring for the people's health.

NDUN sport team had 5 athletes competing in seven items for badminton, table tennis and tennis. After 4 days of exciting and fierce competition, NDUN sport team won two first prizes, one second prize and one third prize.


Achievement at the final of sport competition - 2017 was a worthy result for the efforts of NDUN athletes. This was also a great source of spiritual encouragement to NDUN staffs and promoted the movement of physical exercises for NDUN staffs.

Some pictures of NDUN sport team at the sport competition of health profession in 2017




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