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Thứ sáu, 19/10/2018 11:55

       On 16th December 2017 Nam Dinh University of Nursing welcomed two Australian volunteers came to teach English for NDUN lecturers, learners and students. At the meeting there were Dr. Ngo Huy Hoang - NDUN Vice Rector, represenatives of International Cooperation Office, Center Center for Cooperation of Science and Technology and Service, Foreign Language Department, and lecturers. Specific information about classes and curriculum were provided to volunteers.

Dr. Ngo Huy Hoang - NDUN Vice Rector delivered his speech at the meeting

       Mr. Neil Stuart Bowman and Mrs. Anne Georgenna Bowman are from Australia. They have certificate to English language for foreigners and a lot of English teaching experience in Australia. Through GVI, they will officially teach English for NDUN lecturers, learners, and students from 16th December 2017 to 22nd January 2017. The teachers will directly teach the lecturers, students and students of the school. Through regular communication with native teachers and professional instructors of Mr. Neil Stuart Bowman and Mrs. Anne Georgenna Bowman, learners will have the opportunity to practice and improve their English both in study and in communication.

       English classes with Australian volunteers include:

  • English classes for NDUN lecturers whose maijors are not English
  • English classes for students
  • English classes for Master students of the 4th course 
  • English classes for children
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