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Thứ hai, 21/01/2019 23:01

       On 24th October 2017, the training program on the propaganda and launch of voluntary blood donation and the organization of launching voluntary blood donation was held at Nam Dinh University of Nursing by NDUN Youth Union and Student Association. This was one of the activities to welcome the new academic year 2017 - 2018.  It also helped to promote the movement "student volunteers for the Community". A lot of lecturers and students of NDUN involved in voluntary blood donation. 

       Speaking at the voluntary blood donation campaign Mr. Pham Van Tung - Secretary of NDUN Youth Union said that these activities aimed to develop the movements of NDUN Youth Union and the strong team for propaganda and launch of voluntary blood donation. Through the recent training sessions, knowledge about blood and blood donation were fully provided to the learners. Presentation skills in public and in the community and skills of handling situations in the propaganda and progress of blood donation were also instructed with practice.

       On 21st October 2017, the training sessions of essential knowledge and skills to work independently in the launch of voluntary blood donation in the community were organized by NDUN Youth Union and the team of launching voluntary blood donation. The learners were staffs and students of NDUN. At the end of blood donation day 289 units of blood were collected. Mr. Pham Van Tung stressed that the festival day of launching voluntary blood donation should be organized frequently for the addition of blood supply in the insufficient blood bank of Central Institute of Hematology and blood Transfusion. 

       Some picture at the festival day of blood donation:





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