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       Within the framework of cooperation between Nam Dinh University of Nursing and Baylor College of Nursing, USA, from 15th May to 30th June, 2017, three subjects in the curriculum for the third master nursing course were taught by the lecturers of Baylor College of Nursing, USA .

       From 15th May to 26th May, 2017 Dr. Lyn and Dr. Terri taught "Nursing Teaching Methods." This course equips learners with knowledge of teaching and assessment methods.


       From 5th to 16th June, 2017 Dr. Erin and Dr. Renee taught "Evidence-based nursing". The course was designed to provide analytical and systematic approach to assess evidence-based used in clinical practice. The course allows the learners to develop an evidence-based approach to answer important clinical questions through integrated documentation research. Learners will analyze evidence-based practice guidelines and research translation.



The content of the course content includes:

June 5th: Introduction to the course

June 6th: Document research strategy; Evaluate knowledge to make clinical decisions; Quantitative research assessment; Qualitative research assessment

June 7th: PICOT question

June 8th: Use matrix to organize data; Select document; Use clinical practice guidelines for evidence-based practice

June 9th: Analysis of the article; material summary

June 12th: Analyze data; Discuss the presentation requirements

June 13th: Implementation of the evidence; SWOT Analysis

June 14th: Improve quality; Change the practice model; Review

June 15th: Presentation


June 16th: Examination

       From 19th to 30th June, 2017 Dr. Julie and Dr. Dora taught "Nursing Leadership and Management". The course was designed to bring learners concepts of leadership; developing critical skills for nursing managers in health care organizations; management skills and the role of nurses in caring and nursing organizations. The course also refers to the factors that influence the leadership and management of nursing.

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