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Thứ hai, 21/01/2019 23:02

    On February 16th, 2017, the ceremony of upholding Master thesis (stage 2) for learners of the first Nursing Master course (2014 - 2016) was successfully organized by Nam Dinh University of Nursing (NDUN).

       Two months earlier, from 28 - 30th Dec 2016, 15 learners of the first Nursing Master course upheld excellently their master thesis.

       In order to complete successfully  a master thesis, the learners had to spend a lot of time researching, synthesizing data, conducting surveys ... They also got enthusiastic help from many sides such as: the instructors; the teachers at NDUN; colleagues and institutions providing information for the research topic.

      The organization of upholding Master thesis for learners of the first Nursing Master course has shown NDUN's quality and prestige of master training. Many people were attracted by this ceremony. In recent years, many officials and graduates have come to NDUN for higher training. This has proven that the quality of NDUN post-graduate education has been recognized and appreciated by the society.

       Some pictures at the ceremony:


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