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       To implement the task of Student Association and Student Movement; on the occasion of traditional day of Vietnam Student Association (9th Jan 1950 - 9th Jan 2017); respond to the program "Red Sunday" organized by Tien Phong Newspaper and National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion; carry out the direction of NDUN Party Committee and management board about organizing community volunteer activities towards Lunnar New Year 2017, on 12th January , 2017 at the lobby of NDUN campus, the festival of blood donation was organized for NDUN students by NDUN Executive Board of Youth Union and Student Association in coordination with Nam Dinh Province Youth Union, Nam Dinh Red Cross, National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion. The motto of the program is " Every drop of blood - A heart ". It aims to promote the movement " Student volunteer for community " of NDUN students; arouse mutual affection for the patients suffering from life-threatening anemia; honor the noble deeds of voluntary blood donation.


       Proceed the success of Blood Donation Festival in December 2016, Blood Donation Festival in January 2017 attracted NDUN staffs and students. The success of Blood Donation Festival in January 2017 not only contributed to overcome the severe anemia of the blood banks today, but also expressed the spirit of humanity of all members in NDUN.

Some photos at he blood donation festival in January -2017:




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