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Thứ hai, 21/01/2019 23:25


To carry out the task of Youth Union Youth movement of Central Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union; the task of Student Association and Student Movement of the Central Vietnam Student Association; the task of Youth Union for the academic year 2016 - 2017 of Nam Dinh Province Youth Union; the task of Youth Union and Youth movement of Nam Dinh University of Nursing (NDUN); and follow the direction of NDUN Party Committee and management Board, Activities for the community on the occasion of Tet holidays were organized on January 15th, 2017 by NDUN Executive Committee of Youth Union and  Student Association as follow:

Make square glutinous rice cake at NDUN; and present gifts to 60 disadvantaged households, elderly people without support in 6 wards in Nam Dinh city (Vi Xuyen, Tran Te Xuong, Tran Quang Khai, Van Mieu, Ba Trieu, Loc Ha); 110 children at the Vocational Training Center for Children with Disabilities in Long Dong Village, Loc An Commune, Nam Dinh City; 30 members of the Nam Dinh Veterans Association; 50 people with difficult situations at Nam Dinh General Hospital; 50 chidlren patients whose families are disadvantaged at Nam Dinh Pediatric Hospital.

From 1st - 14th Jan, 2017 activities to support the program, mobilize organizations and individuals to fund for the program were held.

The program has aroused and promoted the tradition of "mutual sympathy," "for the sake of the community"; helping people with difficult situations for NDUN students in particular and residents in Nam Dinh City in general. It has attracted the participation of officials and NDUN students; Tam Quy Trading Joint Stock Company; Ocean International Language Center in Nam Dinh City; Nam Dinh General Hospital; Nam Dinh Pediatric Hospital; Newspaper, Nam Dinh Radio and Television Station; and people in Nam Dinh city.

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