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Thứ hai, 21/01/2019 23:30

 At the workshop there were Dr. Le Thanh Tung - Rector of NDUN; members of management board, the Union, and the Youth Union; leaders of Faculties, Offices, Departments, Library, Center; and people in charge of documents of faculties and departments.

Dr. Le Thanh Tung - Rector of NDUN delivered a speech at the workshop

       The conference was organized to innovative teaching and management methods for the high training quality in NDUN. And this was the opportunity to exchange, share and learn the experience on training; innovating teaching and management methods; and developing effective solutions in the process of implementing the Regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training and the Ministry of Health and the regulations of NDUN.

       Speaking at the workshop, Dr. Le Thanh Tung stressed: "We need to pay attention to the standardization of teaching staff with specific criteria, especially improving professional skills in clinic training at the hospitals; and foreign language skills, informatics for teaching specialized subjects. So with these advantages, the rector required leaders and lecturers to try their best in the coming school year to train the nurse resources with high quality for the society ".

       At the workshop there were also opinions of vice rectors in charge of Testing, Training, Finance, Student Affairs of ensuring the training quality and the management of teaching and learning in NDUN.

Dr. Vu Van Thanh - Vice Rector of NDUN delivered a speech at the workshop

       Reports from NDUN divisions were also presented. They showed the difficulties and advantages in managing and supporting teaching activities at NDUN and practical placements.Then, lecturers and experienced managers contributed ideas to issues in the topics.

Dr. Ngo Huy Hoang - Vice Rector of NDUN delivered a speech at the workshop

        Questions were answered by Academic Affairs Office and leaders of divisions for a good implementation in the new school year.

       After the time of working excitedly and sharing experiences, many methods to renew teaching methods with school year form and credit form. The ultimate goal is to help students grasp knowledge and have good skills when they graduate from NDUN; and improve the quality of management and training in the faculties and departments in particular and in the university in general.

       In conclusions, Dr. Le Thanh Tung - Rector of NDUN appreciated the preparation of the organizers, the reports presented at the workshop as well as the comments of members of management board and leaders of divisions. He believes that there will be a breakthrough in the management, teaching and ensuring the quality of education in NDUN in the new school year 2016 - 2017. 

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