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Thứ sáu, 19/10/2018 12:48


On 23rd October, 2015 Dr. Ngo Huy Hoang - Vice-Rector of Nam Dinh University of Nursing (NDUN) and representatives of International Cooperation Office and Public Health Department had a meeting with representatives of TCU University, USA: Mrs. Bonnie - Dean of post graduate faculty, Mrs. Jane - International program director, Mrs. Lisa - GVI program director, Mr. Alana - Member of the delegation, and Mr. Do Manh Tan - Director of GVI in Vietnam.

       At the meeting Mrs. Jane - International Program Director of TCU University, USA expressed her views with leaders of NDUN about the exchange of lecturers ans students between two universities in studying and researching issues about food safety and hygiene, clean water and environmental sanitation; and developing nursing human resources.

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