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 1 BURAPHA 25-10-2015

       In the framework of the ADB project, on 25th October 2015 Dr. Jullamate Pornchai - Lecturer of Burapha University came to Nam Dinh University of Nursing to teach Geriatric Nursing for the first course of master student nurses.

       On 26th October, 2015 there was a meeting between management board, International Cooperation Office, Post graduate training Office and Dr. Pornchai Jullamate at Conference Room No 3. At the meeting Dr. Ngo Huy Hoang - Vice Rector of NDUN welcomed the presence of Dr. Jullamate Pornchai  and informed him about subjects in the curriculum of nursing master course at NDUN.

2 BURAPHA 25-10-2015

        After the meeting, Dr. Jullamate Pornchai started his teaching. From 26th to 29th October, 2015 master student nurses will study the main content of Geriatric Nursing including: basic concepts and state of aging population; aging process, theories of aging and changes in normal aging; nursing interventions and related research on elderly people with common health problems; concepts related to nursing the elderly.

       From 30th October - 6th November, 2015 student nurses will concentrate on the practice including: orientate in nursing practice; data collection tools; evaluate and ractise the use of data assessment tools and performance; practise the use of data assessment tools and presentation; practise in hospitals and the community; discuss; work in teams; case study presentation.

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