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Thứ hai, 16/09/2019 21:55

"Spring is for planting trees

It makes the country more and more beautiful"

(Ho Chi Minh president)

        Remembering Uncle Ho's saying, on March 4th, 2019, Nam Dinh University of Nursing University launched "The day of planting trees to remember Uncle Ho's Great contribution" Lunnar New Year 2019. Attending the ceremony there were Assoc. Prof.Dr. Le Thanh Tung - Rector of Nam Dinh University of Nursing and NDUN staffs and students.

       On November 28th, 1959 Uncle Ho wrote the article "Tet of planting trees" posted in Nhan Dan newspaper. After deeply analyzing the meaning of planting trees for the country, every family, every citizen, Uncle asked all the people to participate in the festival of planting trees. Then, on the occasion of Spring1960, Uncle Ho directly took part in planting trees at Thong Nhat Park, Hanoi Capital. Since then he reminded the movement of planting trees and protecting trees until he passed away.

       The movement "Tet for planting trees" launched by Uncle Ho has been increasingly replicated, later generations continue to follow Uncle Ho's advice. He said, "For the sake of ten years, we have to plant trees - For the sake of a hundred years, we must bring up people". Understand deeply Uncle Ho's advice every year in the spring, NDUN leaders and staffs organize the day of planting trees on the campus. Planting - protecting - taking care of trees not only make the university greener for the surrounding improvement, environmental protection, green-clean-beautiful  landscapes, good support for NDUN students but also raise awareness among all NDUN staffs and students about the purpose, meaning and good performance of the movement "Tet for planting trees" for cleaning environment; preserving and enhancing ecosystems and combating climate change.

       After the launching ceremony, NDUN staffs and students participated in planting trees on NDUN campus.

       Some pictures at the launching ceremony:



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