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Thứ hai, 16/09/2019 21:35

On March 24th, 2019, "Career orientation day and enrolment consultation 2019" was organized by Nam Dinh City Youth Union in cooperation with Center for Youth Education andTran Hung Dao High Schoo. Attending the program there were teachers and students at Tran Hung Dao High School and Universities in the provinces nearby; companies and centers operating in the field of education. The program aims to help students have more information about careers, jobs as well as the trend of developing new industries in the society and the the need of human resourses of domestic and foreign enterprises at the present and in the future. And then students can choose a suitable career themselves. The program attracted the participation of many students not only at Tran Hung Dao high school but also at other high schools throughout the city.

       Participating in the program, Nam Dinh University of Nursing Board of career orientation, start-up and job concultation brought students career consultation. The board provided the high school students with information about Nam Dinh University of Nursing, training professions, labor market and career opportunities for students after their graduation from university. With the purpose of career orientation and and enrolment consultation for high school students, Nam Dinh Nursing University helps them understand better nursing profession and its importance and inspire their interest in nursing. Then the enrolment will be propagated for a high quality of input and skilled nurses.

       The booth of Nam Dinh University of Nursing attracted the attention of high school students. This showed the interest of the society as well as high school students to the university in particular and nursing profession in general.

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