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Thứ năm, 25/04/2019 03:09

       On 5th and 6th May 2018 60 members of NDUN voluntary team "Support patients at hospitals" participated actively in supporting doctors to do the free screening examination for all children under 16 years old to detect early congenital heart diseases and contributed to the success of the program.

       This is the third time the program was held in Nam Dinh. The program was implemented with the collaboration of the Hanoi Heart Hospital, Nam Dinh Children's Hospital, and Viettel Nam Dinh. After 2 days, 1860 children had the screening inspection to detect early congenital heart diseases and 114 children were found with congenital heart disease. In particular, 57 out of 114 children should be monitored and examined in the next 3-6 months and the remaining needs the surgical intervention. In the coming time, the program will coordinate with Hanoi Heart Hospital and Viettel Nam Dinh to treat for the children and support costs for the difficult cases.

       Established on 13th May 2016 NDUN voluntary team "Support patients at hospitals" has completed excellently the asigned tasks and created many good and vivid effects for patients, theỉ relatives and staffs at hospitals where they come to work.

       Hope that in the future NDUN voluntary team "Support patients at hospitals" will participate more actively in voluntary activities at the hospitals for the good images and friendly environment at hospitals to consolidate patients' confidence and satisfaction. This helps improve the quality of reception and directions at hospitals and create the environment for youth unionists in health sector to train practical skills of communication, to arouse a spirit of solidarity in helping patients in difficulty.

       Some pictures of NDUN voluntary team "Support patients at hospitals" at the program "Heart for children":

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