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Thứ năm, 25/04/2019 03:20

       On 8th June 2018, a training course on occupational safety and health for NDUN staffs was organized 2018 by Nam Dinh University of Nursing in collaboration with Health Environment Management Agency with the aim of improving knowledge, awareness and responsibility for staffs about occupational safety and health.

       In the training course learners were equipped with techniques of occupational safety and health. And they used the gained knowledge to perform occupational safety and health to avoid unexpected accidents.

Dr. Truong Tuan Anh - NDUN Deputy Rector delivered his speech at the training course

       Attending the training course on the side of Health Environment Management Agency there were Assoc.Prof. Nguyen Huy Nga, PhD - Former Head of Health Environment Management Agency; Dr. Nguyen Thi Toan - Specialist. On the side of Nam Dinh University of Nursing there were DrTruong Tuan Anh - Deputy Rector; DrDinh Quoc Thang - Head of Personnel Office; and 40 NDUN staffs.

       At the opening ceremony, DS. Truong Tuan Anh - NDUN Deputy Rector emphasized the necessity of training course in equipping and complementing the knowledge of occupational safety and health for NDUN staffs for a better awareness and performance of occupational safety and health at their departments.

Assoc.Prof. Nguyen Huy Nga, PhD - Former Head of Health Environment Management Agency, Lecturer of the training course presents the basic content of occupational safety and health

       The content mentioned in the training course were as includes: labor characteristics, harmful elements and common occupational diseases for medical staffs; policy of occupational safety and health for workers; basic knowledge about the danger factors and harmful elements; the methods of improving the labor conditions; safe culture in health; the principle of distributing, using, preserving personal protection means against occupational diseases; the rights and obligations of the employers, the employees; supervision of the labor environment and workers' health .

       At the training course NDUN staffs were willing to share their understanding through the questions related to Labour Law and regulations on occupational safety.

       At the end of the training course NDUN staffs raised their awareness and understood the importance of occupational safety and health. They also uplifted their responsibility in working to control and reduce labor accidents and updated knowledge about occupational safety, prevention of occupational diseases for the better health.


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